Diagnosing Autism Essay

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There is a wide variety of neurodevelopmental disorders, most of which show very similar symptoms and signs. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to differentiate between them without the help of a professional. A lot of neurodevelopmental disorders, which mostly affect children, do not have a test that clearly tells us what a patient is suffering from. Thus, doctors had to come up with different mechanisms to diagnose patients with such conditions. The diagnosis process begins with the suspicion of the doctor about which of these disorders does a patient have. After that, the doctor conducts a series of procedures to determine whether or not a patient actually has this disorder. One of these difficult-to-diagnose conditions is Autism. The mechanism of diagnosing Autism involves a behavior assessment, a physical exam, and some clinical tests. The first step is to observe the behavior of the child. Developmental specialists will observe the child in different settings.1 For example, the will watch how the child plays and interacts with other people. Also, a language evaluation is conducted. Language difficulties are important indications of Autism, for most autistic children have language problems. Then doctors will assess …show more content…

The first and the most important part of this exam is to check the child’s hearing ability because a deaf child behaves very much like an autistic child. For example, both of them seem disinterested in people and sound stimuli. Another example is that the both have delays in language development. Doctors, after that, will examine the child’s sensitivity to pain and response to heat or cold. Then doctors should thoroughly inspect the kid’s body for self-inflected injuries since children with Autism are frequently bang their heads on walls.2 About a third of those with Autism suffer from seizures, including epilepsy, so it is another indication of this neurodevelopmental

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