Diagram 4: Accelerated ASAP Roadmap: What Is SAP?

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Implementation Methodology Diagram 4: Accelerated ASAP Roadmap (ktnptl, 2016)
The methodology that is going to use to implement SAP Business One application in Platinum Victory Group is Accelerated ASAP (ASAP) methodology as shown in Diagram 4. Implementing SAP Business One application is a very massive operation as it will bring a lot of changes to the company, thus it will cost a lot of money and high in risk. So a structured and phased methodology is required to reduce the risk and cost, therefore ASAP methodology come in place. Beside, ASAP methodology is created by SAP company, so it is the suitable methodology to implement SAP Business One application; it reduces the risk that may occur in project and cost, and able to assist manager …show more content…

It is purposed to plan project by defining goals, scope and objectives.
Users are allowed to use pre-defined templates that provided by SAP Business One application to do project planning (refer to Figure 1.1). Users can plan and define the activities for each phase with the assist of the provided templates (refer to Figure 1.2). Users also can create their own project phases and activities. User also able to determine the progress of the project by defining the duration or time to complete for every activity in phase.
SAP Business One will generate the project plan and progress according to the users’ settings. Users can review the activities details of each phase by selecting the levels of the activities. As shown in diagram 1.3, users are able to get an overview of project plan with level 1 of view level is selected. By selecting higher level of the view level, users are able to get more detailed information of activities in project phases. Business Blueprint
After go through the project preparation phase, the project will …show more content…

Helpdesk will be provided to end-users. They can ask for support to handle the problem or trouble when they use the system. Go live activities which include analysis the performance of the system and defect detection, will be continuously carried out to ensure the system perfect fit into the business process of company. By using remote support tool, vendor can get the report of system status for monitoring system transaction and any issues occurs will be included as feedback. If any difficulty on using the system is faced on user site, they can get vendor assist based on the service level agreements (SLAs). The SLAs will state out the responsibilities of vendor for clients in term of services and support provided. Feedback from end-users will be gathered for improving the acceptance of end-users for the new system. Training will be given to end-users continuously in order to maximize performance of system during their use. If any issue occurs or faced by end-users, they can search through the support database that embedded in the system for solutions or send a message to vendor for assistance (refer to Figure

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