Dialogue Essay: My Hero's Journey

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We needed the candles placed in a circle, hold hands, and say the spell at the same time. I couldn’t find Veronica’s hands, so Dad and I held our hands out, palms up. That way she could put her hands in ours. Dad grabbed the candles from the chest.
I turned off the lights and once again, only the moon lit the room until we turned the lights on.
I still had two more matches in the box. Dad put his lips near the candle and gently breathed on it. That somehow lit the candle. That was so cool. I tried it, but nothing happened.
“How’d you do that?” I asked him.
He smiled and said, “Practice. We should get going on the spell.”
Veronica, Dad, and I stood around the circle of candles and held out my hands.
“All right, Veronica. Are you holding my hand?” I asked.
My hand felt warm.
“Yes.” …show more content…

That must’ve been the feeling of Veronica’s skin or something. She said she felt a warm sensation when she turned invisible. I kept my hands held on Veronica’s and Dad’s. We chanted:

Guardians of the Spirit realm hear and guide our plea When the witching hour rings true, bring our mother to see Other souls who hear our call are not welcome in this place Only the one known as Sally Putnam may enter our sacred space
A familiar scent tickled my nose, “D’you smell that?”
I heard Veronica inhale deeply, “Yeah. What is that?”
“That’s the perfume Mom used to wear.”
It was a fragrance I never liked that much when Mom lived, but I’ve missed it, Lilac

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