Dialogue Essays: Coulson Vs. Fury

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Phil Coulson watches the young 12 years old Kira. He was got call on babysitting the super power kid. Kira always ask him if they could leave SHIELD and go see the outside world behind SHIELD’s Walls, Coulson would sneak her out and take her out to eat ice cream. She was more open to Coulson than Fury, because he is always busy. Even if he was the one adopted her, to keep her under his roof, and keep the headquarter of SHIELD won’t put her in dangerous missions. She is still a child, not a weapon. “Why does Fury not hang out with me? More often.” She asked, sitting on a bench next to Phil, eating her ice cream from a cup. “The director is handling problems for SHIELD. Kira, you know that.” Phil stated, looking over to her. Seeing how…show more content…
I bet the higher ups told him keep me on a leash so I won’t go of control.” She played with her ice cream, before taking a scoop from her ice cream. “Kira, Fury does care for you, but he shows it in a different way.” Coulson said, as she looked at him with watered up eyes about to cry. “Coulson, don’t try to cover for Fury. Everyone look at me as a monster who is supposed to be in cage.” She stood up quickly and throw out her ice cream cup in the trash bin. “I am just an experimented lab rat of destruction created by HYDRA that could make storms, and destroy anything in my path.” “You are a human being, not monster of destruction.” Coulson walks over to her and put his hand on her shoulder. ‘“Not all monsters do monstrous things. The only one who can decide to use your ability is you, No one else.” The young Kira glances up to him, with her eyes clouded with tears. He smiles at her, before ruffling her hair and wrap his arm around her shoulders. “Thank you.” She smiles. Kira groans at the sound of someone knocking on glass. Rubbing her eyes to get rid of the sleepless, before pushing herself up from the…show more content…
She walks over to the glass window, and taps on it. “This glass could be easily shatter, by just a push of force. If I wasn't having my emotions under control at the moment. You would be dead on the spot you are standing on.” Kira was looking at the dead in the eye, and crosses her arms, “Tell me the true reason.” “HYDRA was looking for you. They were looking through the safe houses that you have been and abandoned ones that were abandon, moving to the next one. They came close of finding you, until I send you off to boarding school. Since then, You disappeared off of their and ours rator.” Nick stated. “If I did tell you, you won’t have never gotten on that airplane. You would have fought Hydra once again. Worse, you get captured to be their little lab brat again and be their puppet.” Kira looks at the ground, before returning her look at Fury. “Why? Would you protect me and not be your little weapon when I was younger.” She
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