Diaz's Involvement In Mexican History

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3. Diaz was also known for his involvement in the battle commemorated by Cinco de Mayo. It celebrates the victory of the Mexican troops in La Batalla de Puebla in 1862. Despite tremendous odds, the humble Mexican army defeated the most powerful fighting unit in the world.His army's victory over the French forces made the people regard him as a powerful and successful leader. At the time, he wanted democracy for his country; however, when he became ruler, the dictatorship was already in place. how the victory was a major point in Mexican history and why it’s still remembered and celebrated to this day.) ? The battle also marks the arrival on the political scene of Porfirio Díaz, then a brash young general who disobeyed Zaragoza in order to chase down fleeing French troops. Díaz would eventually get a lot of the credit for the victory and he used his new fame to run for president against Juárez. Although he lost, he would eventually reach the presidency and lead his nation for many …show more content…

Zaragoza sent a message to Mexico City, famously declaring “Las armas nacionales se han cubierto de gloria” or “The national arms (weapons) have covered themselves in glory.” In Mexico City, President Juarez declared May 5th a national holiday in remembrance of the

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