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The dicho that I have chosen is, honra y dinero se ganan despacio y se pierdan ligero. This dicho translates to reputation and money are earned slowly but lost quickly. A common misconception is that reputations has been built to last, but in reality spoiling your reputation is much easier than people care to admit. The same concept can be applied to money, for the reason that it takes a lot of hard work to earn capital, but one miscalculation or mistake and in a blink of an eye everything worked hard for will perish. Often times money and reputation are coupled, meaning if you lose one you’ll most likely lose the other as well. That being said, a connection can be established between this dicho and basketball. For instance, LiAngelo …show more content…

Due to his never ending efforts to strive for success on the court, Ball was a shooting guard who was offered a full ride to play for the prestigious UCLA in 2017. According to ESPN he was considered to be a three-star player to look out for. As anticipated because of the rising basketball star’s fame, the Ball family was offered a reality tv show. It was obvious that all this new found fame was getting to the head of LiAngelo Ball. UCLA basketball player, LiAngelo Ball was recently involved in an international incident in China. LiAngelo Ball and two other UCLA students were caught shoplifting from numerous stores in China and almost faced ten years in prison. Luckily for LiAngelo Ball, President Donald Trump talked to China's president to forgive and release the UCLA players. After a long conversation between both presidents, China’s President Xi decided to let the UCLA players free. When LiAngelo Ball and the other two UCLA players arrived in the United States they were suspended indefinitely and were not allowed to practice or travel with the team. I believe this has ultimately hurt LiAngelo Ball’s reputation as a basketball player and has ruined the chances to help his team. Auburn University's basketball team was caught in a difficult time in earning their spot in the NCAA tournament. For over a decade, Auburn's basketball team has been lacking chemistry and communication within each

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