Did Le Corbusier Herd Cats : Totalitarian Design?

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Did Le Corbusier herd cats: Totalitarian design in Post War Architecture Choose an architect or practice whose work is covered by or relevant to this course and discuss critically one or more of their design projects or drawings or urban proposals as precedent case-studies. Selectively situate this work in relation to their body of work, and against the practices and concerns of the period. Focus on the architectural qualities of a specific key aspect of the design of the projects. Selectively consider how they might relate to the historical situation, cultural values, theoretical concerns and design practices of the time. This may involve a selective analysis of compositional design practices, material fabrication production and the experiential reception of built outcomes of the projects. This paper is an exploration in to the works of Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, more commonly known as Le Corbusier. Heavily criticized for “ignoring the social aspect of urban architectural principles and separating urban functions in different neighbourhoods” (Gonclaves, 2010, p. 30), did Le Corbusier intentionally pursue an anti-social design to impose order on society? Through examination of his life’s work, ranging from built projects including Unite d’Habitation, case studies and the unbuilt urban proposals such as Ville contemporaine (1922), the Plan Voisin (1925) and the refined Ville Radieuse (1933-35) to what is arguably Le Corbusier’s most influential text ‘Vers une

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