Bauhaus Impact On Modern Design

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Q: What are the impacts of the Bauhaus on modern design?

The Bauhaus school was founded in 1919 in Weimar by German architect Walter Gropius (1883 - 1969). In 1923, Walter Gropius introduced the agreement between “creative artists and the industrial world”. The Bauhaus is most famous for the idea of combining forms and functions. They combined both fine arts and design elements to create a curriculum that trained artists and designers to be capable of producing both functional and aesthetic work. One of the main goals was to bring design and technology together. During the Bauhaus period, Fine art and craft were combined together and aimed toward problem solving for an innovative, modern and industrial society. Nowadays, the Bauhaus legacy continues in modern designs, such as minimalism, or design brands like IKEA. In this essay, I will analyze Bauhaus’s influence on modern design, including architecture and furniture design by exploring different examples from different periods of time.

1. About the Bauhaus
I'd like to begin the essay by talking about the Bauhaus. In the book “50 Bauhaus icons", “The State Bauhaus in Weimar was not only one of the earliest, but at the same time one of the most important and successful schools of art and design.” ( Strasser, 2009, 1)

Figure 1.
The Bauhaus School. Image downloaded from

The school focused on using primary forms and colours, which include
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