Did You Ever Encounter A Situation That Has Changed Your

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Did you ever encounter a situation that has changed your view on life? Whether it be something that happened to you or someone very close to you. Sometimes i do not think that people fully understand what an impact they have on other people. About four years ago i thought the best thing that could ever happen, happened to me. Until later years, i found out that it would end up being the thing that would hurt me the most in life. I used to think trust was a cut and dry situation, but it is different in every case. Trust plays a big role in most people’s life and when you break that trust there is not much a person can do to gain it back. I am one of those people that either give all or no trust with my personal feelings. My parents …show more content…

Before they got all the way over to us i can remember my dad leaning down and saying “ you need to be nice to these kids.” I can remember thinking to myself “why the heck do i need to be nice to some kids i do not even know?” Little did i know then that they would be a big part of my life for the next three years. Knowing that i only meet girlfriends if it is serious, i knew that since i met her kids that it was extra serious. Dawn and my dad started dating my freshman year in high school. Dawn, Kait, and Benny moved in with my dad because traveling from Avella to Eighty-Four everyday was a haul and a half. Being as i did not want to be left out i moved in also, so i could be closer to everyone. I had never saw my dad as happy as he was with everyone there under one roof. Yes, i made my dad happy but i could not describe the vibe he gave off. My dad did anything and everything to make Dawn happy. He tore apart our house and built a brand new addition to our house for her business to be run out of. As the days went by Kait, Benny, and I got super close. We did everything together, from going to school, to eating dinner, and playing outside. Three peas in a pod you could even say. As i got close to Kait and Ben i also got close with Dawn, she was like a second mom to me in so many different ways. Towards the end of their relationship they started to have problems. She wanted another kid and he did not. So Dawn left for a month and then ended

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