Diet Pop And Its Effects On Human Health

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Introduction Many people have faced problems in deciding which pop to drink, regular or diet. People have different opinions on the reasons why they prefer one particular pop to another. Through various researches done all over the world, people have tried to figure out specific causes of ailments especially those thought to be associated with food. As an avid pop drinker, the need to know the best pop option has made me curious about how big of a difference there is. It is important to know the components of each of these pops and decide on the one that has the least side effects or harm on human health (Brownell et al, 2007). Diet pop contains aspartame, which is a sweetener although it is non-sugar. Diet pop is consumed worldwide. At temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius, the aspartame in diet pop changes to phermeldahide. This is a chemical substance that is used as a freezing agent in mortuaries. Consumption of this chemical substance in large amounts is vital to human health and can cause cancer, severe ailments, brain tumors, lymphoma, and brain lesions. On the other hand, regular pop contains a small percentage of sugar. The human brain requires sugar for proper functioning. Consumption of large amounts of sugar may also be dangerous but regular pop, consumed in controlled amounts, does not contain enough sugar to pose health threats to individuals. Purpose of the study The primary purpose of this paper is to decide which type of pop is better for our bodies.
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