Dietary Butyrates

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The dietary composition has undergone drastic changes in the past decades, since the majority of the population started consuming the Western type diet. This diet is rich in refined products and fat but low in dietary fiber (DF)20. Refined and high caloric product are considered as unhealthy and the increased consumption of these products alongside with reduced physical activity is plausibly the explanation for the rapidly growing incidences of MetS. Dietary intervention has therefore becoming increasingly been a subject of discussion. Of special interest is dietary fiber (DF), since it is well established that DF consumption confers benefits to health and metabolism21,22. DF is metabolized by intestinal microbiota, which results in the generation…show more content…
In a similar fashion, the study from Yadav et al28 underscored the importance of butyrate via the transfer of the probiotic VSL#3 to mice with MetS. VSL#3 is a probiotic that is able to produce high amounts of butyrate. This transfer markedly reversed various symptoms of MetS. A favorable constitution of the intestinal microbiota is thus believed to be also a primary condition for maintaining healthy metabolism since it facilitates butyrate…show more content…
It should however be noticed that the mechanism by which the beneficial effects are realized, are poorly understood. There is possibility that butyrate is a direct signaling molecule in the periphery and for example interacts with receptors, since Ffar2 and Ffar3 have been identified as receptors for SCFAs32. It should however be noticed that the butyrate is given via the diet. Regarding the literature emphasizing SCFAs to induce satiety33,34, a reasonable presumption is that the beneficial effects are also mediated by food intake reduction. Supporting evidence for this statement comes from studies focusing on the relationship between DF consumption and induction of satiety, an effect which is suggestively mediated by SCFAs35-38. Until now, these effects have hardly been distinguished explicitly. Moreover, all experiments so far have only been reported on C57BL/6 mice, which metabolism is substantially different to that from
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