Dietetic Internship Discussion

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Pursuing a dietetic career is a great investment in the health industry. The applicant must pass the Registration Examination. However, the individual must have first earned bachelor’s usually in the field nutrition or dietetics. Then, the applicant must complete an AND accredited Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) an internship to be eligible to take the Registration Examination to potentially become a Registered Dietitian. With many dietetic internship each with a distinctive emphasis, I narrow my preferences to three internships.
My top dietetic internship preference is in The University of Maryland College Park that emphasizes on Information management and communication/nutrition informatics. The University is located in a suburban …show more content…

The research component incorporates a community project that provides the interns the experience of using research in dietetic practices. I believe this is an exceptional way of learning because interns are able to evaluate and understand how to use first hand data in their practice, which a unique opportunity this internship provides. In addition, there is 6-week management rotation with capstone that focuses on food production, retail, purchasing, marketing, problem-solving research and employee nutrition education. This business experience proves that besides the internships emphasis on research, the internship makes sure the interns experience all aspects in a nutrition career. Thus, proving this internship is a well-rounded program. Moreover, I believe business provides essential skills like marketing, communication, etc., which prepare a dietitian to effectively practice dietetics. Also in this business-related rotation, interns get perform problem-solving research, which demonstrates interns learn about effective strategies to approach potential coworkers, clients, or patients. On the other hand, GPA requirements are a minimum of 3.0 out of a 4.0, but the average GPA is a 3.65. Out of the three internships, I preferred, this internship is the most rigorous and …show more content…

Because of the New York location and multi-ethnicities, I believe it is a great way to understand the urban public health concentration of nutrition. Also, the New York location provides the opportunity to network, which is essential to find a career in nutrition afterward. Nutrition Public health interest me because it is away of preventing disease by creating awareness. GPA requirements are not established, but the CUNY website state “applicant with a 3.0 are likely to achieve high scores in the selection process.” The tuition of $9667 in this internship is the most affordable that offers an emphasis I am interested

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