Difference Between Modern And Modern Society

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Over time, man has divided into two organized and civilized societies that have adopted different cultures and trends. Over time this led to the formation of the traditional society, then the modern society. This essay will be focusing on the difference between those two society’s. Many comparisons can be made between the two, but I will be focusing on the difference in Family, social class, and technology. In a traditional society, customs and the improvement of society as a whole is its primary focus, while in a modern society the focus is on individual success and free will. Although there are many advantages and benefits to having a traditional society, I am more sympathetic to modern society because now people have more freedom to choose for example whether it be their clothing, occupation, or spouse.
To start off, in a traditional society, the family is the basic unit and obligations towards the family never change regardless of age. Men and women had specific gender roles in the family. Men were the breadwinners in the family whereas women had the domestic role of being the caregivers and looked after the children and household chores. The women’s role had to be a more submissive one whereas in a modern society they are granted many freedoms that they did not have in the past. In a modern society it is common for women to make some of the decisions, especially when it comes to money. Most modern women wish to move away from those traditional gender roles and instead
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