Differences And Disadvantages Of Islam

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The universalizing and stereotype constructions of Islam contribute to the ongoing marginalization and vulnerability of Muslims in the United States by placing a travel ban on their families in other countries. The travel ban makes it impossible for their families to visit them especially if a loved one is sick like in the article. It’s not right that his aunt can’t come into the country to comfort her sister during her husbands cancer just because President Trump has implied that people from those countries may be terrorist out to do Americans harm. Even when people of other countries successfully pass the background check they are still denied their visas in order to enter our country. Where is the fairness in stereotyping those people and not allowing them to enter into our great country. I think that as long as they pass the background check they should be allowed to receive their visas to enter America. Making them pay for what others have previously done is unethical and wrong. People should not be permanently barred based on the negative actions of others. Protecting national security from terrorist is a top priority in this country but not at the expense of alienating innocent Muslims from coming here. Majority of Muslims are not terrorist extremist so to treat them as such is unjust. While working as a counterterrorism prosecutor Javad Mohammed Khazaeli, used data and facts to prove a person was a terrorist or had terrorist ties. But President Trump realized on

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