Differences Between American Films And Hindi Films

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Different cultures have different concepts of masculinity. If one were to compare American films and Hindi film tropes, there would be some vast differences. For instance the American action heroes tend to treat the damsel as an item, while in Hindi films the character shows his affection openly and often times there is not a rough exterior that must be broken to see the caring man. This idea has also evolved in certain ways in the coming decades of hindi films. It seems within Hindi film that key ideals are almost always empashized in one way or another: almost always there resides a romantic subplot in any genre, or this could be the emphasis of the film, there is an importance upon the son and mother relationship whether it is a new family or the remnants of a family, the hero or protagonist tends to put others and the ideals before himself, at times sacrificing himself for his beliefs, and he is proud to be Indian and proud of his beliefs and nationalistic ways. The following decades led to the anger and violence that would be prevalent all throughout the world within different genres and cinemas which then would leads to the period of the romantic hero. There is an emphasis on Romance and family now that social issues have died down in parts of India. The reliance upon the mother has been toned down as well and has been replaced with the focus of the love story between the man and woman. This furthermore led to the modern action hero with an emphasis on built muscular
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