Differences Between Female And Female Officers

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“Men are from mars, women are from Venus”. Most people are aware of this quote. It refers to the different characteristics of men and women. Unfortunately, the characteristics that differentiate women from men have historically been disvalued and seen as inferior especially in a field such as the police force. However, this paper will argue in favour of “feminine traits” such as emotional labor skills, use of less physical force and empathy. In doing so, it will make it evident that the factors which differentiate female officers from their male colleagues allow them to not only outperform their male counterparts but also enhance the view and level of trust that people have of the police force.
One major difference between male and female officers, is that female officers use significantly more emotional labor than male officers. This allows them to be more effective at policing than male officers as it prevents conflict and enhances the level of confidence which the public has in the police force. Emotional labor is defined as a form of labor in which employees are expected to portray certain emotions in specific situations to promote organizational goals. Emotional labor is mostly linked with traditionally feminine traits such as empathy, compassion and kind- heartedness. Needless to say, like most feminine traits these qualities too were often disvalued, especially in predominantly male organizations, such as the police force. However, many studies have proven these…
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