Differences Between Prebiotics And Probiotics

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- Key diffrents between prebiotics and probiotics :
Prebiotics and probiotics are two types of bacteria which are present on all food products. These bacteria can help in dagestive system as they have the ability to keep it more healthy. These two types of bacteria have the same benefits for the health, as they can increase number of healthy bacteria in person's body, but they have some differants, too. For example, prebiotics are type of carbohydrates which have long chains of suger moleculs bonded together and can't be digested by the body, but not all carbohydrates considered as prebiotics or they are ingrediants which automatically fermented that allow some changes in both the activity and composition of the gut microflora. Prebiotics …show more content…

Help in treatment of crohn's disease and cancer.
9. Protect against the infections of the gut.
10. Improve fulness's feeling which can help in the management of weight.
11. Reduce symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.
12. Prebiotics are natural products not synthetic, so they are safe to use.
13. Treat atherosclerosis disease as they manage cardiac problems.
- Uses of probiotics:
Probiotics have more benefits and uses to overall body wellness not just for gastrointestinal health, as they can:
1. Overcome problems of intestines and stomach.
2. Prevent diarrhea and constipation which are caused by salmonella or virus because it may replace beneficial bacteria's lost.
3. Prevent digestive tract infections.
4. They can be used in inflammatory bowl disease as they control the response of immune.
5. They may be used in the cancer of colon and skin infections.
6. They also used as a treatment for many diseases like, urinary tract infections, allergic diseases and respiratory infections.
7. They are also inter in the industry of house cleaners products.
8. Probiotics have the ability to help people which have the problem with lactose like they can't tolerate it.
9. Prevent eczema in children.
10. Treat kidney stones.
11. Treat disease of

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