Different Components of the Scada Energy Management System

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SCADA - EMS This report covers the real-time system design and the different components of the SCADA Energy Management System. Specifically, this report will focus on the General Electric XA/21 SCADA system and how it all fits together and how it provides a solution to end-users and administrators. The XA/21 is a very scalable and customizable system and that will be described at great length in this report (General Electric, 2013). System Basics As noted in the introduction, the scalability and customizing of the XA/21 system is very flexible. There can be anywhere from one to 150 different computing nodes. The system has been installed more than 100 times and there has been 3.5 million hours of online operation. GE states that the system can be flexible enough to evolve and be changed based on changing regulatory demands and changing market conditions. The total cost of ownership is purported to be quite low. The system can be set up using a variety of different operating systems and programming languages ranging from the modern iterations to the much more dated technologies and languages (General Electric, 2013). The operating systems and programming technologies that can be used include UNIX, Microsoft Windows, ODBC, POSIX, Structured Query Language (SQL), TCP/IP, ANSI C, Fortran, C++, JAVA, CORBA, XML, SSL, HTTP, DNP 3, IED 870-5 101, IEC 870-6 TASE.2 (ICCP) and ELCOM 90. Examples above of technologies that are quite new and/or are constantly being updated include
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