Different Types Of Vaccine, The Shot And A Nasal Spray

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This experimental research is conducted to determine if there is any major change among two different types of vaccine, the shot and a nasal spray. Based on the given opinion, test was directed to observe the dissimilarity of the outcome and test the effectiveness of both. Using the information given 1000 participants were used dividing them into two groups of 500 each therefore “n will = 500, the number in one group when group sizes are equal” (Tanner, 2011). n1=500, n2=500, p1 = 0.16 the amount of participants who developed the flu, and p2= 0.24the proportion of the people who were treated with the nasal spray, and alpha= 0.05 the level of significance. Given these figures the hypothesis is defined either as a null hypothesis assuming that the shot and nasal spray are equally effective or assuming the shot is more effective than the nasal spray an alternative hypothesis will be used. With a Null hypothesis the average capacity of a population that uses the shot will be the same as the average capacity of a population that uses the nasal spray. The z test when using p as shared estimation of quantity = 0.20.Using the formula below: z = (p1-p2)/sqr+(p*1-p*(1/n1+1/n2) =0.16 – 0.24/0.025
= 0.08/0.025
= -32 p( z < -3.2)= 0.0008
P value = 0.0008< 0.05 (implication level) The null hypothesis is rejected at 5% of level of statistical significance . “When a result is statistically significant, the decision is to "reject the null hypothesis”(Tanner, 2011)." Results indicate

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