Differential Reinforcement Analysis

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During this chapter, it discussed many different behavioral views of learning. The chapter began by talking about the different ways the students learn. With the beginning stages of learning such as remembering things and putting the memories together. When they are similar or when they contrast from each other. This is the beginning way for younger students to start putting things together, from what they learn in the classroom or at home. During this time a students will start to learn positive and negative behaviors. Teachers who teach at a younger age level tend to use reinforcements to give positive feedback on something that a student does well. In the book Educational Psychology it states, “Whether the consequences of any actions are…show more content…
Extinction is the discontinuing of a reinforcement of a previously reinforced behavior” (Special Learning Inc, 2011). Some ways that you could implement this in the classroom would be, by giving a piece of candy to the students who were on the best behavior. The chapter continued to talk about reinforcement, and how there are two different types of reinforcement. Positive and negative reinforcement, they both can be an effective or negative thing to use in the classroom. Positive reinforcement would be the same as differential reinforcement an increasing positive behavior in the classroom. While, negative reinforcement is by strengthening behavior by removing an aversive stimulus when the behavior…show more content…
A type that can have some severe behavioral problems is with Autism. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, “Autism, a chronic condition that develops in early childhood, is characterized by a marked impairment in the ability to relate to others, delayed language, and restricted patterns of behavior. The disorder affects as many as 20 children per 10,000” (McCracken, 2002). All of this can lead to the student having problems controlling their behavior, which can be controlled over time. Not all students who are in the special education program deal with behavioral problems, its just a small portion that does. Overall, behavioral problems is something that is very important that we as teachers need to recognize. Raining Children Network has come up with some helpful tips that could be used in the classroom, such as, “Show your child how you feel. Tell him honestly, how his behavior affects you. This will help him see his her own feelings in yours, like a mirror” (Raising Children Network, 2016). By showing your student how you feel and treat them how you would want to be treated. The students will be able to give you positive behavior back to use it in the future. Behavioral problems in a serious issue, but, it is something that can be addressed with every student and be improved
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