Generation Y Drug Abuse

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Generation Y has been through an array of difficulties. Drug abuse is one of the issues teens are faced with everyday. Not only narcotic drugs, but also prescription drugs and over the counter medications have been used and abused. Drugs have gotten easier to acquire throughout the years. Generation Y has had many teens be affected by media messages and how they project an image of sex to the viewers.
What are the reasons behind drug abuse? People from all walks of life have been victims of drug abuse. Some people are depressed and so they try to get away from reality by taking drugs. A person who has been injured could have been prescribed a pain reliever with addicting qualities. That teen that lives down the street gets his pills …show more content…

It seems to me astonishing that a teenager can get a hold of such drugs and afford to keep a habit such as drug addiction. Heroin is a drug that has been a drug that many teens have been abusing (Heroin - The Next Generation / Documentary Educational Video).
Teens have pressures to be skinny, be sexy, to have sex. What drives teens to have sex? Are they pressured by their boyfriend or girlfriend? Surely their parents are not encouraging it. Is the media putting out a message that having sex is cool? That is a good possibility, just look at the way things are advertised (Focus on the Family). Many ads are provocative and make is seem like a girl has to be sexy to be loved and wanted, so, it is possible that girls act in such a way that makes themselves attractive, and have sex just to fulfill the way the people in magazines and on television want them to be. Drugs are just a small part of what teenagers face daily.
Girls do whatever they can to be skinny and sexy, they diet, they over exercise, they starve themselves; sometimes it goes as far as anorexia or bulimia. In the media the females who are with the guys are not ugly, or even overweight, they are all skinny and very beautiful. Average or below average people do not show up in advertisements that have some kind of sexual meaning in them. This just lowers teens self confidence and sometimes makes them do things that are unhealthy to change their appearance.
From personal experience, I used to look at

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