Direct Costs In Healthcare

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Aleshia, your statement “direct costs are costs that can be easily associated with the production of a particular good or service”. The main cost component for outpatient diabetics’ care in both public and private has been medication costs. This is compatible also with what happened to the cost component of diabetics care in 2000 in Iran. It is estimated that direct medical costs of diabetes are 2–3 times higher than nondiabetic people (Davari, Boroumand, Amini, & Aslani, 2016). These additional costs are mainly attributed to the fact that diabetics are at high risk for blindness (retinopathy), kidney failures (nephropathy), neuropathy, foot ulcer and amputations, and disorder in sexual function(Davari, Boroumand, Amini, & Aslani, 2016). Cost

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