Disability Study Proposal

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I. PURPOSE OF THE STUDY The purpose of this study is to evaluate the potential of spin rate and axis direction of curveballs for use as screening parameters in identifying youth pitchers with particular susceptibility to arm injury. The Doppler-radar system TrackMan will be used to collect the spin rate data during live games. Pain, which will be used as a model for injury will be quantified using The Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand (DASH) questionnaire. The Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient will be calculated to determine the strength of correlation between the maximum reported DASH score of a participant and the average spin rate of his curveballs. This study will help improve the understanding of which youth baseball pitchers will develop arm problems and thereby to provide information for establishing safety regulations or recommendations. II. LITERATURE REVIEW It is projected that roughly five million children aged six to seventeen participate in organized baseball leagues around America (Fleisig, et al., 2006). Despite the fact that this number represents an…show more content…
Physicians around the country are noting the increase of serious injuries requiring surgery among young baseball pitchers. It has been found that roughly half of youth (age 15- 24) pitchers, age 15-24, report either elbow or shoulder pain while pitching (Lyman, Fleisig, Andrews, & Osinski, 2002). Some physicians report up to a five-fold increase in the number of serious arm injuries in high school pitchers in the last fifteen years (Fleisig, et al., 2006). Most patients report a slow onset of symptoms months prior to their first doctors’ visit (Larson & McMahon, 1966). This injury due to repetitive submaximal loading, could be permanently damaging to a growing teenager. Deformities, osteoarthritis and muscle pathology could all occur as a result later in
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