Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of The Spiral Model

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Advantages of the Spiral model:
• Changing requirements can be accommodated.
• Allows extensive use of prototypes.
• Requirements can be captured more accurately.
• Users see the system early.
• Development can be divided into smaller parts and the risky parts can be developed earlier which helps in better risk management.
Disadvantages of the Spiral model:
• Management is more complex.
• End of the project may not be known early.
• Not suitable for small or low risk projects and could be expensive for small projects.
• Process is complex
• Spiral may go on indefinitely.
• Large number of intermediate stages requires excessive documentation. Extreme Programming
Extreme Programming is a lightweight, efficient, low-risk, flexible, predictable, …show more content…

The development team converts user stories into iterations that cover a small part of the functionality or features required. A combination of iterations provides the customer with the final fully functional product.
Coding constitutes the most important phase in the Extreme Programming life cycle. XP programming gives priority to the actual coding over all other tasks such as documentation to ensure that the customer receives something substantial in value at the end of the day.
Extreme program integrates testing with the development phase rather than at the end of the development phase. All codes have unit tests to eliminate bugs, and the code passes all such unit tests before release.
Another key test is customer acceptance tests, based on the customer specifications. Acceptance test run at the completion of the coding, and the developers provide the customer with the results of the acceptance tests along with demonstrations. …show more content…

Along with the ATM Card and the Pin there is also need for a validation process to ensure the authenticity of the user ad the security measures to contact the bank and also withhold the card. The system must also return the card to the user. The withdrawal process has its own set of requirements, there has to be a validation in place that allows the users to only withdraw certain bill and only those bills. For the deposit requirements it only goes without saying that the user is only allowed to deposit the same bills that they are allowed to withdraw as well there is a limitation to how much the user can deposit at any given time. The system should also allow the user to transfer money between different accounts, as well as the bank types does not have to be the same. The system should give the uses the option to print a receipt which should contain nature of transaction, balances, date, time, location and a photograph. It should also give the user various notices in the form of prompts. The system should also update the database of the bank and account of the user

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