Riordan Manufacturing 's Implementation Stage

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Riordan Manufacturing 's implementation stage is going to take a group effort. To combine talents from many different fields to complete this stage of the project effectively. This implementation will rely on the human resources department and the information technology departments. We included both departments in the design and development processes. The developers have chosen a software package that was designed by Microsoft to implement the Riordan HRIS. The decision was largely pushed due to the fact that Riordan current OS is the Windows platform. Our team will be implementing the Microsoft base software, which will automatically create a new database on the MySql. Using the waterfall approach the system developers will be able to focus on one piece of the system and move on each part separately. This will give the design team more time to focus on small sections of the new coding. Moving from one stage to the next means that each step has been checked thoroughly and is completed. According to "Implementation Phase Recommendations" (2014), " During the testing phase, these test cases are implemented, automated, and initially executed to verify that, as various parts of the system reach code complete, testing is ready to verify performance. In addition, anticipate running the verification tests many times during a test pass as performance bottlenecks are identified and fixes provided. Having the tests automated makes it easier, faster, and more consistent to re-run

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