Disadvantages Of E-Administration

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The reality of today’s world is that ICTs have become an increasing feature in all spheres of our lives be it private or public. The sphere of public administration has not escaped this reality, as the adoption of ICTs in my view has been a creature of policy transfer from the private sector and developed countries.
The notion of e-administration is rather expansive in its orientation and has often times been used interchangeably throughout the literature with e-government. According to Radu and Pokowski (2014) it “refers to any of a number of mechanisms which transform what in a traditional office are paper processes into electronic processes in order to create paperless office”. For other authors, it implies the application of electronic media for the management of the internal public organization (Ntulo and Otike, n.d.). In defining e-government Gordon (2002) cited by Signore, Chesi and Pallotti (2005) defined the concept as the use of ICT to improve the process of government. Radu and Pokowski (2014) contend that …show more content…

The World Bank (2002) cited in Ntulo and Otike (n.d.) has outlined a number of benefits of e-administration. Firstly, it empowers citizens to be active participants in the decision making process through the gathering of information. Secondly, it can be argued that the process of information gathering for the citizens and the public are condensed. Thirdly, it fosters greater responsiveness of government departments and agencies given the fact that information on government activity is freely available. Fourthly, the effective streamline and implementation of e-administration afford greater opportunities for service delivery to clients and facilitate better interaction between business and state actors. Finally, it affords greater levels of convenience to the public and empowers citizens through access to

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