Disadvantages Of Facebook

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Introduction Facebook is the most popular social networking with over one billion users globally. It provides a platform through which people can get to express themselves and connect with their, family and friends as well as meet new people. Through Facebook people can find and stay in touch with their lost friends and family members. Apart from being free, Facebook is one of the leading mediums of communication (Ellison et al. 1147). It allows its users to send messages, upload photos and videos and, even start a video call without charging them anything. Additionally, Facebook is a great source of entertainment. It provides its users with many games and applications that they can use and enjoy. Moreover, it allows businesspeople to …show more content…

It first looks at Facebook’s set of community standards that specify on the type of content that is should be shared on Facebook. The paper then discusses the negative implications of freedom of speech on Facebook using past incidents as supporting evidence. Furthermore, the paper also explains why it is important for the owners of Facebook to manage the content and information that is posted. Lastly, the paper gives a brief summary of all that has been discussed in the paper. Facebook Community Standards Facebook Community Standards have been put in place to help people understand what is acceptable to post on Facebook. They are designed with the aim of creating a environment where individuals are inspired and empowered to treat one another with empathy and respect. The Community Standards are divided into four parts. The first part is helping to keep you safe (“Community Standards”). Facebook management deletes content, disables accounts, and collaborates with law enforcement when they think that there is a real risk of physical harm or direct threats to the security of the general public. For instance, Facebook management responds to bullying and harassment by deleting content that seems to deliberately target private individuals so as to humiliate or shame them. The second part is encouraging respectful behavior. Facebook is used by people to share their experiences and to create awareness regarding matters that are of importance to

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