Disadvantages Of Management Support

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OSHMS program need to be supported by the management team of an organization. Management support or management commitment is defined as the management’s involvement and engagement in actions towards achieving a goal (Cooper, 2006). Management support is manifested through various ways such as having safety education and training, giving reward and empowerment of employees to make decisions (Ashill, Carruthers, & Krisjanous, 2006). According to Williams (2008), managers play a crucial role in developing and maintaining an ideal safety culture. The main focus is to provide a safe work environment and hire sufficient high quality employees to perform the job.
Support can come in many ways. Investment in safety education and training will allow employees to gain necessary safety knowledge and help them to
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First, fail to reinforce a safe behavior because they believe safe behavior is expected, or they do not notice safe behaviors or they are simply too busy, Unfortunately, some employees may take shortcuts if they never receive praise for operating safety especially if shortcuts are faster, easier and more comfortable. Secondly, leaders may fail to coach risky behavior because it is uncomfortable confronting others, production goals overrides safety or they simply do not know the job as well as the employees performing it.
Next, leaders may in forced production more than safety simply because they believe that is what they get paid and promoted. Productivity is always emphasized rather than safety which contributes to likelihood of safety shortcuts and injuries. Finally, management may model risky behaviors because they do not know better. When managers perform risky behaviors, it send a message that safety is not that important (Williams, 2008). This shows that if management team did not show their commitment towards OHS, employees also tends to neglect
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