Disadvantages Of Neonicotinoids

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Knock Off Inorganic Pesticides to Coconut Trees The Philippines is now facing a serious industry problem regarding the infestation of coconut scale insects, commonly known as cocolisap, to large coconut plantations. This plant parasite eats on the leaf of a plant. This prevents photosynthesis causing the low productivity of the plant. Cosico (2014) stated that, “At least 60 percent of the total coconut farming areas in the country, most of which are in the CALABARZON area, are infected with cocolisap and it has crossed over to Basilan in Mindanao Region.” Due to this, the government released chemical called neonicotinoids to obviate these cocolisap. It is said that neonicotinoids is effective but there are some groups who take a stand against this neonicotinoids, restraining this for important reason. They do not want this to be use because they believe that this chemical will only bring out more problems…show more content…
It can be in ecological and industrial aspect. If we are to allow this neonicotinoids, we should be the one responsible for the changes or damages in our ecosystem. Researchers said that the effect of neonicotinoids will be serious and for long term. Neonicotinoids will cure trees by removing cocolisap but eventually, it will also affect those natural enemies that can help to regulate the production of cocolisap and will also affect the totality of the tree by means of the residue of neonicotinoids that is said to cause cancer and abnormality to humans (Umil, 2014 par. 11&14). Moreover, it is not just in the ecological aspect that this chemical will have effects. It also affect the countries aim to have organic certification. If neonicotinoids will be use, our products cannot be sold as organic or natural (Murcia, 2014 par.4). It is obvious that this chemical should not be allowed because it will cause more problems rather than fixing

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