Disadvantages Of Science In Bhutan

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Science is a body of knowledge that helps the learners to know about oneself and understand the nature of the world that surrounds them. According to Feynman (1968) science is the beauty and the wonder of the world that is discovered through experiencing the real things that surrounds us. Thus, it is certainly a very mesmerizing subject to learn as it arouses children’s curiosity about the nature and whatever happens in our day to day life. Therefore, science is equally considered as one of the important subject like any other subjects in Bhutan.

In Bhutan, teaching of science as a separate subject starts from grade IV and its compulsory till grade X. At this stage, learners should be able to understand the scientific and technological developments with both positive and negative effects, …show more content…

It engages learners fully in science and enhances students’ motivation, interest, and love toward science subject. It also prepares students to pursue science related career and lead country’s future scientific endeavors. According to Department of Curriculum and Research Development (2011), the science curriculum are organized into four strands based on the National Education Framework (2012) of Bhutan and they are as …show more content…

Students at Primary school are very energetic, active, and curious and tends to participate classroom activities actively because of their age. Therefore, according to DCRD (2012) the main objectives of science at this stage are to nurture the curiosity of the learner about the world, engage learners in investigation, perform simple experiments, and develop love towards the nature and to provide scientific skills for later stage of science studies in their

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