Disadvantages Of Urbanization Of Indonesia

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Concentration of economic activities in the city resulted in a mass of people flocked to the city in the hope of improving their quality of life through economic improvement. As a result, the level of urbanization continues to climb rapidly from year to year, including in Indonesia. Although the high rate of urbanization brought about numerous positive impacts, it also has its share of disadvantages as well, such as uncontrolled urban growth and unplanned urbanization (Arriaga and Beyer 1968; Bolay 2006). Currently more than half of Indonesia's population live in urban areas and the proportion are projected to continue to grow in the future. By 2015, the urban population in Indonesia has reached more than half (53.3%), and is expected to continue to increase every year until it is predicted to reach 68% in 2025 (Badan Pengembangan Statistik 2015). …show more content…

In addition, urbanization has implications for housing and settlement, which is the increasing need for decent and affordable houses, and the increasing need for basic services and settlement management system. In addition, the natural population growth in urban areas lead to increasing density of settlements (Asoka, Bunyasi, and Thuo 2013) and the changing needs of houses for urban households.
Nevertheless, due to the limited amount of land available and the high price of land in urban areas, many people especially marginal communities, occupy housing with inadequate basic infrastructure, lack access to sanitation and water provision (Neekhra, 2008). As a result, urban slums are emerging as the place for the underprivileged to live, specifically in developing countries which fail to provide slum residents with proper hygiene facilities, food, clothing and

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