Disadvantages Of Using The Internet Too Much By Children

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Children playing outside….interacting with other children, does that sound familiar? It definitely has become part of the past and is not present with our children today. Many children nowadays have easy access to the internet thanks to electronic tablets and smartphones as well as computers. Most people are just refuse to see the all the problems that can hurt children from overuse of the internet. With more and more advancement in the technology world it seems more appealing to the youth of our nation to try. Although the internet has many benefits to children it can also be very harmful too. There are many disadvantages of using the internet too much by children. Some of these disadvantages include addiction, wrong information, and loss of social interaction with people, cyberbullying, pornography and sexual predators.
“National studies have found that the majority of today’s youth are using the internet as a healthy venue for social interaction, sharing of ideas, artistic creations, photography, school work, online journaling, or blogging.” (Dowell, Burgess & Cavanaugh, 2009) Even though the internet is very helpful with locating places, researching papers, giving children answers to some difficult questions that they have regarding all subjects it can also be you might say a “double-edged sword”. Children that have grown up using computers are more susceptible to getting hooked on the internet. They spend more time on the internet than watching television, playing…
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