Disappearance Of Ethan Analysis

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The mother is shocked for the disappearance of Ethan Because she was not expecting something like that to happen. For her it was something that destroy their family bonding for a couple of years. She was really shocked on hearing that her son was nowhere to be found, that he is probably dead and that there were no way to find his body. She could not bear the fact that he was no more. Philip was shocked because that day he brother did not seem like somebody that would disappear. He feels like Ethan disappearance was his fault because that day Ethan asked him to come with him but he couldn’t because he had his bird class to attend to. He feels like if he did go with Ethan maybe Ethan would still be here, maybe nothing of this would have…show more content…
They both are really hurt about the disappearance of Ethan, one feels like it's more his fault while the other feels terrible because it is his son. They also have some unsimilarity here. One of them is the mother and the other is the brother, the mother feels more upset because it's her son, and losing a son is like losing yourself, it's one part of you that disappear, while the other isa brother and a friend that disappear.

The mother is isolating from other people because she feels really bad about what happened to Ethan, she can’t bear the fact that her son is dead. so therefor she spend her time reading, cooking at night, sleeping in the morning. she also have some trouble sleeping at night.

Philip isolated from how he feels about Ethan disappearance, he hides he’s feeling from everybody else, he tries to be a support to his sisters, Ethan girlfriend, parents.

They have no similarity in the way they are Isolating, the only similarity they have is the way they both feel about Ethan disappearance. They really the only two people that suffer a lot from Ethan disappearance mainly because Ethan is a son, and it’s normal for a mother to be suffering from Her son disappearance,no parents would like to see they kids die before them and the reason why Philip is suffering from Ethan disappearances because Ethan was his brother and Ethan was also his
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