Discipline Of Cell Biology : Physics And Biology

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Discipline of cell biology contains physics and chemistry
Living organisms must obey chemical and physical laws
Biochemical reactions of cells
Cells are made up of
Organic molecules such as carbon
Reactions occur in aqueous solutions
Cells are complex
Because of biochemical reactions within the cell
Polymeric molecules
Makes up the key molecules in the cell
Cells are highly regulated
Must occur in the proper place and time and structure
Molecules determine size structure and function of living cells
Elements, atoms, and molecules
Are from periodic table, they are the smallest particles of life. made of atoms and cannot be broken down
Chemical bonds hold atoms together in molecules
Review slide
What particles are found in the nucleus? Two particles one is uncharged and other is the same as the mass
Protons and neutrons, neutrons are uncharged
What determines the atomic number, particles in the nucleus determines
The atomic number is determined by the number of protons
What are the roles of the neutrons
Keeping the atom stable
What is the atomic weight of an atom, has to do with particles in nucleus
Very closely equal to the number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus.
What is the molecular weight of a molecule
Atomic and molecular are the same, it's the mass relative to that of a hydrogen atom. Closely equal to the number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus.

Atomic number of carbon=6
Atomic mass carbon=Protons + neutrons = 12
6x10^23 is avogadro's

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