Discrimination As A Weapon Of Sexism

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The Great Depression was the big economic crisis in the 1930’s. People lost their homes, their jobs, and their dignity. Not until the middle of the 1950’s did the stock market return to pre-depression levels. During this unfortunate time people hunted for good paying jobs, but were unable to find them. To this day class in this country is under scrutiny. The middle-class is vanishing before our eyes as the poverty level increases and the wealthiest class becomes larger. Not only was there great inequality in the U.S. during the great depression, but also there was still very strong dislikes toward anyone of color. Racism in this country is still prominent today along with class inequality. In her article “Homophobia as a Weapon of…show more content…
198). Class in our country is in fact a big deal. With the middle-class disappearing and income inequality rising, there is so much to be done in this country to try and solve this pandemic. Another reality would be Reality 5: “From cradle to grave, class position has a significant impact on our well-being. Class accurately predicts chances for survival, educational achievement, and economic success” (2012, p.199). In this section, the Mantsios explains that society has shaped this country into a “rags to riches” society (2012, p.199). The class position one adheres throughout his or her life resembles the class his or her fathers have obtained. In short, many children stayed in the same class their parents and did not achieve a higher class. The reason for this is because the huge cavity between the higher classes and the lower classes. If someone were to be born in the lower or poverty classes the author speculates that the harder it would take to get out of the lower classes and to the higher classes (2012, p.200). In conclusion, reality 5 just explains that if one were born into a lower class life in general is harder. While if one were born into a higher class life itself would be a reasonably easy way of living. During the early 1900’s immigrants and not just European’s were categorized as an inferior
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