Discrimination Based On Gender And Gender Discrimination

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INTRODUCTION: "Gender discrimination, also known as sexism, refers to prejudice or discrimination based on sex and/ or gender, as well as conditions or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on gender" (Women and Gender Discrimination). Sexism is a social injustice that is not applied only to women but, to men as well. Certain personalities and characteristics are expected from both genders starting as children. Little girls are expected to play with dolls, while little boys are expected to play rough. These small seeds planted into children over time grow, and produce the men and women who make up society. In psychology you have a term called norm, a norm is an unwritten role, or expectation for how a group should behave (Pastorino, 2013). Men and women both make up separate groups. In each group norms have been formed on how members of the group should conduct themselves. Masculinity is often associated with competition, emotional detachment, aggression and violence (“Gender Issues in the Media”). Femininity is associated with softness, vulnerability, and being able to submit to men. Needless to say, norms are not always correct or right. When you have people within a group who do not comply with the norms presented, then sexism comes into play. Both men and women can experience sexism though majority of the criticism is focused towards women. Women and men are expected to pose certain characteristics and if they aren 't then they are looked at…
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