Discuss the Differences Between Beatrice and Hero in the Early Scenes of the Play

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Discuss the differences between Beatrice and Hero in the early scenes of the play

Shakespeare's play ‘Much Ado about Nothing' has two main female characters, Beatrice and Hero, who are cousins. Both appear to be completely different in the beginning of the play but, as things progress and their characters develop, there are also some very obvious similarities between them. Hero and Beatrice have a very close relationship; they are best friends. Leonato is Hero's father but Beatrice has no parents, which gives her greater freedom. Where Hero is polite, quiet, respectful and gentle, Beatrice is feisty, cynical, witty, and sharp.

Shakespeare uses quite a lot of literary devices and techniques to present the characters of Hero and …show more content…

We see that Beatrice does have a softer side,
"Benedick, love on; I will requite thee, Taming my wild heart to thy loving hand."
Enhancing the romance in the play and signifying a transformation in Beatrice. Indeed by the end of Act 3 scene 1, Beatrice and Hero are showing certain similarities. They are now both in love and as we see in Act 3 Scene 4, Beatrice has become

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