Discussing The Playing Field Of Gender And Communication

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Gender and Communication
Eftagine Fevilien
Miami Dade College
Author Note
Generalizations that can be valued when communicating across the gender line.
Men and women practice enormously different identities and communication curriculums, even if they are raised by the same parents, well sophisticated in the same faculties, have the same career and live in similar state. The reason for that is because there are dissimilar rules of communication that are distinctive to each other. These instructions are recognized by all grown-up members of that sexual category, however because men and women conduct themselves according to two different single sets of rules about what is correct and what is not correct, communication accidents …show more content…

The second characteristic of women’s communication is that they need a responses back from the other individual. Women will try to continue and keep the conversation going by asking all the questions if necessary. Third, women are more expected to use responses like “Right” and “oh really” just to spice things up and encouraging the person in continuing the conversation. Even though, those pleasant confident answers do not essentially show agreement with the statements made by the chatty companion. But, since men have a habit of saying these responses only when they come to an agreement with the talker, they may misapprehend women’s use of responses. On the other hand, a woman may think that her male conversational companion is not paying attention or listening to her because these hints are omitted from his dialogue. Fourth, when women are rudely interrupted while talking, they become silent. Basically, they refuse to join any more in the conversation. Lastly, women normally use the words “I”, “you” and “we” just so they can be aware of the presence of the other talker rather than normal use of the first person.
Differences in Relationship
Women seek out relationships with others for partnership, management and support and make decisions based on common arrangement. Women wish for friendship, intimacy and similarity. They look for

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