Discussing the Teaching and Learning Strategies

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Teaching and learning strategies used in an actual session and to be delivered during professional practice.
The strategies to be used will depend on several different components, e.g. the ability, knowledge and background of learners, the subject, differing learning styles etc.
John Dewey (1859-1952) believed that formal schooling was falling short of its potential. He emphasised facilitating learning through promoting various activities rather than by using a traditional teacher-focused method. He believed that children learnt more from guided experience than from authoritarian instruction. He subscribed to learner-focused philosophy and argued that learning is life, not just preparation for life. This is also applicable to adult
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As can be seen in my first observed session (Appendix .....) at HOL I chose to use different learning strategies and styles to my peer teach session. Mainly due to the different audience and time scale too. Baring in mind the feedbacks I have received for the peer teach, I wanted to include some of the things mentioned and therefore creating a all around better lesson, one in particular including students through more nominated questions. Unfortunately I got drawn into the more active students answering questions straight away and demanding my attention. This made it more difficult for me to include the quieter students. I believe towards the end of the lesson my efforts started to work and the quieter students started to join in too. Due to this experience I was very surprised on the student feedback I have received. (Appendix.....) All students commented on the involvement they experienced. ‘Getting up and doing was the best’. This was a very valuable experience and will assist for my future studies and teaching.
Prior to the delivering of the session ‘Planning and Negotiating’ learning is key. ‘If you don’t know where you are going it is difficult to select a suitable means for getting there’. Mager (1984)
Each of our students at HOL will have an initial interview where certain key issues and needs will be established.
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