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"Information Technology" Please respond to the following: * Predict how technology will positively impact business over the next ten (10) years. Describe what specific changes or paradigm shifts you expect to see. * Within the same 10-year period, discuss the additional challenges and concerns you see arising from the implementation of new technologies. Technology in the next ten years in my opinion will change people’s lives everywhere. Production of trades will be at a faster pace. I think there will be more machines used in businesses allowing you to access the office from a remote location and handle more things while not being confined to an office building. Look at cell phones as an example, they do so much than just make …show more content…

The core responsibilities of operations managers tend to be similar across many industries. The planning of various company operations and activities is another major concern of the operations manager. Operations managers tend to determine which products are bought and sold, what prices they are bought or sold for and to whom they will be marketed. The operations manager also helps plan and coordinate activities between various departments such as determining what types of sales promotions the company will engage in. ( Operation managers add value to a company’s products or services by ensuring that business operations are efficient in terms of using as few resources as needed, and effective in terms of meeting customer requirements. An operations manager typically ensures smooth operation of various processes that contribute to the production of goods and services of an organization. ( Discussion 1: Cultural Conquest * Considering the power of the native societies represented in symbolic images such as the Goddess Coatlicue statue, how do you think the European conquerors were able to overtake these cultures? * Despite the cultural domination instituted by European traders and colonizers, how

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