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Pixar 2001
The Future of the Disney Alliance

I. Introduction
It was Monday morning, November 5, 2001. Steve Jobs, CEO of Pixar Animation Studios, had just finished reviewing the opening weekend box office receipts for Monsters, Inc., the latest theatrical release produced by the partnership between Pixar and Disney. He sat back and pondered the future of his company and its relationship with Disney.

Jobs needed to consider the brand equity that Pixar had established through its recent successes, primarily through its alliance with Disney. He needed to take the company’s financial status into consideration, along with the recent and future activities of its competitors, and an honest assessment of the company’s competitive
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In 1979, Lucas extended an offer to Ed Catmull and his team at NYIT to work as part of his company. Catmull was named Vice President and over the next six years assembled one of the most talented teams of artists and programmers in the industry. One of these programmers was responsible for developing the first renderer for Lucasfilm, called REYES (Renders Everything You Ever Saw), which would eventually become Pixar’s RenderMan rendering tool.

As artists and programmers continued to innovate computer graphics tools such as the first commercially available 3D animation system software developed by Wavefront in 1984, advances were also being made in the area of high performance computer graphic hardware led by Silicon Graphics (SGI), and new rendering methods developed at Cornell University.

In 1984, John Lasseter left Disney and joined Lucasfilm at the behest of his friend Ed Catmull. Lasseter brought with him a tremendous amount of experience after leading Disney’s first major venture into computer-aided production in 1981. While his addition strengthened Lucasfilm, George Lucas’ interest in the project faded and he began looking for a buyer of the computer division. In 1986, a year after leaving Apple Computer, former CEO Steve Jobs bought the division from Lucas’ for $10 million and incorporated the new company as an independent firm called Pixar. Steve Jobs took the role of Chief Executive Officer and Ed Catmull became Chief
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