The Influence Of Disney Stereotypes

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Disney princesses are a good example of a role model for the youth of today. Not for the physical traits, but for the moral characteristics of the person. Disney princesses have a good influence for the youth of the world. Disney princesses promote not being judged for one’s outward appearance. Disney princesses teach good values and being a good person. There are many things in the world that can affect how a person grows up to become, whether it’s religion, books, movies, or people in movies. It’s easy to be influenced, being able to choose what influences that person can determine who they could become in the future. The main article was written May 17, 2013, a year after the Disney movie Brave came out in theaters. “Last year, Brave’s Merida arrived as a character specifically designed to combat Disney’s increasingly reductive princess archetype.” (Bartyzel 467) It appears Merida is not the same kind of princess that Disney released in the past. A symbol that Disney is moving to the kind of princess that transcends stereotypes. Merida is an independent young woman who empowers herself and rejecting her reality of being a princess. The movie depicts her story to have people see what Disney princess should be, not as eye candy, but as empowered smart people. The opposing article was written by Crystal Liechty who is a passionate mother that feels strongly about her opinions for Disney’s princesses being a good influence on her daughter, who loves princess culture.

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