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Profile What does the “happiest place on earth,” also know as Disneyland, have to offer on a regular basis? It was a bright sunny day in Anaheim California, and my friends Ruben, Sassan and I were just arriving at the theme park. We were all so excited to spend the day messing around between parks; especially considering the fact that we got in for free! Ruben’s mom works at Disneyland, which is how we were able to get in for free. Disneyland is only one theme park, but there are so many different things going on throughout the whole park it is hard to grasp. Throughout the entire theme park, it is divided between handfuls of different sections. Main Street, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Toon town, Adventureland, Frontierland are all…show more content…
Trains were whistling and carrying several people, all-blabbering at once. All of this plus the routine fireworks blowing and crackling one by one as everyone watched. It was almost too much to handle, but each sound contributed to everyone’s joy. As the clock began to reach noon we were all filled with hunger, it was time to eat. Throughout the day the park was filled with salty and sweet stenches from snacks like popcorn and
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