Dispute Between Marshall Peterson And Barfield Family Farms

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Mediation Memorandum

TO: Alex Fairchild, Mediator
FROM: Marshall Petersen
DATE: March 7, 2017
SUBJECT: Dispute between Marshall Peterson and Barfield Family Farms

My name is Marshall Peterson. I am the owner of a small, local health food products business, in Huntsville Alabama. I have recently filed a civil action lawsuit against Barfield Family Farms, a local produce supplier, for breach of contract. I have agreed to try and resolve this matter through this mediation, at the Barfield Family Farm’s request.
Facts of the case I began exploring faith with my Christian wife, Gloria, about six months ago, and made the decision to attend church with her. On the first day of attending church, I was approached by a fellow parishioner …show more content…

Directly after the article’s publication, Mr. Barfield informed me that his family farm could no longer supply the Muscadine grapes and other antioxidant products to my health store. As a business owner, I believe the breach of contract by Mr. Barfield and his family farm, will cause irrevocable harm to my business profits. As a learning student of faith and Christ, I am perplexed by Mr. Barfield’s integrity. In church, I have been learning that just as God keeps his words, he expects his followers to do the same. I offer you the following Bible verse as a basis for expecting Mr. Barfield to fulfill his Christian duty to his promise, “It is better not to make a vow than to make one and not fulfill it. (Ecclesiastes 5:5, New International Version).
Contract Terms
The set-forth agreement is between Marshall Peterson and Barfield Family Farms. Marshall Peterson retains the right to buy Muscadine grape and other antioxidant products by the Muscadine seeds from Barfield Family Farms at any quantity requested. Barfield Family Farm’s billing rates shall be the same as those outlined in the price schedule in the terms of this contract and shall not exceed $8 per gallon. Marshall Peterson and Barfield Family Farm shall perform in good faith in by following the proposed services found in the outlining pricing schedule. This agreement commences upon the signing of this

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