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Dissertation Proposal: An investigation of empathy and social problem solving among different bullying groups: A study of male prisoners.

A. Formulation of Research Question

‘What works’ research suggests that cognitive behavioural interventions produce the most effective recidivism results among offender populations. Therefore, it would be just to suggest that this type of intervention would be beneficial when reducing bullying and victimisation within the same population.

Cognitive deficits that are related to offending attitudes and behaviour include social problem solving (Freedman, Rosenthal, Donahoe, Schlindt and McFall, 1978), and empathy (Covell and Scalora, 2002) among others.

As bullying is an interaction with …show more content…

However, because direct/indirect forms of bullying are being measured the full purpose of the study will be explained when debriefing occurs; immediately proceeding tests to reduce any emotional stress that may have occurred. Lastly participants will have the opportunity to receive research summaries and will be given details of how to obtain these.

F. Analysis

A percentage of results will be used to check accuracy via inputting means, standard deviations and minimum and maximum scoring of questionnaires, ensuring missing values are categorised correctly. Missing value analysis will be used to identify any trends and managed appropriately. If outliers are identified, transformation, alteration or deletion will commence. The skew and kurtosis will be tested for significance. Tests for homogeneity of variance will be performed and managed appropriately. Descriptive statistics will be obtained followed by between-subjects analyses e.g. ANOVA or MANOVA.

G. Critique

To avoid discrimination on illiteracy grounds, participants will complete study material in individual interviews. This may have an impact upon honesty as participants may be guarded when expressing truthfulness because of fears of repercussions. This can be overcome by giving appropriate information packs and offering individual time outside of interviews. This method would also alleviate victims and bullies completing study material in group settings, thus avoiding

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