Distance Education Issue And Its Significance. Evidence

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Distance Education Issue and Its Significance

Evidence suggests that learners’ motivation, beliefs, and attitudes play a critical role in their academic success along with social background and school behaviors. Studies indicate that there is significant rate of drop out in distance education than in on campus studies (Willging & Johnson, 2004). Some facts about distance education are about 30-50% students drop out before finishing and about 27.3 % is due to lack of motivation and contact.
Factors involved for the drop out in distance education includes socio economic status, grade retention, parental involvement, student engagement, lack motivation, academic performance (Smith, 2014). Out of these as an educational guide …show more content…

First, improve communication with students is the priority to improve motivation, anxiety that is fear of unknown and uncertainty leads to lack of motivation and leads to drop out. Beginning period is the most crucial period due to lack of technique skills as well fear of unknown(Visser, Plomp, Amirault, & Kuiper, 2000)
As an educator, how could we improve those situations?
In order to ease students text based communication and respond to students frequently are recommended, if not at least in as short message for example “received” would be helpful to decrease and ease anxiety. The instructor could spend additional times with students during the beginning period. Reinforcement, additional support from instructors assist students to feel confident. According to motivational theorists allowing students choice and control their learning activities enhance their learning intrinsic motivation(Willging & Johnson, 2004).
So, developing a communication instrument is important at the same time it may not be necessary to be highly sophisticated technology. Development of motivational message and its ongoing evaluation is necessary to develop valid, practical, and effective motivational strategies. For examples, motivational text messages and motivational emails are a form of motivational support (Morrison, 2012).
Collaborative Approach
Another important factor is that the distance student’s retention

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