Distinct Path Of Angels, Satan And Adam

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In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Distinct path of Angels, Satan and Adam
From the story of creation of Adam, Allah wants to impart wisdom and knowledge to human beings to choose the path of life and know the consequences of their choices.
Human beings and the Jinn have been endowed with freedom of choice and the Angels have no freedom of choice. Human beings are created of clay, the Jinn from fire and the angels from light.
Path of the Angels
Allah commanded an act to do. Allah commanded the angels and the Jinn to prostrate before Adam, Angels listened, submitted to the command of Allah, accepted and obeyed His orders without questioning.
The angels listened to Allah’s command and obeyed.
Wa samiana wa athana
We listen and we obey
The angels chose the path of submission and unconditional surrender.
From among those mankind and Jinn’s who listen and submit to Allah’s command and prostrate are Muslims.

Path of Iblis -Satan
Allah asked to do an act, Iblis, Satan (from among the Jinn) denied to act on the command of Allah, he rejected, resisted and refused to listen and obey the Command of Allah. Iblis or Satan is the label, identity or name from among the men and Jinn’s who deny to listen to the command of Allah and choose to listen to their logic and reason, thus become rebellion /kafir (denier) or rejecter or rebellion or the denier of the Truth (un-believer)
The Satan exercised the freedom of will granted by Allah and chose an
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