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Summary: Divergent is about a young girl.She lives in a society where it’s people is divided into five different factions. Every one has to pick a faction at a certain age after they take a test suggesting what faction to join but the protagonist fights her stress after hearing she had strange results in her test. Leading her to a hard new life full of adventure in the Dauntless faction.The city is then driven into chaos because of the Erudite faction. Character:The protagonist is Tris a young girl who lived in the Abnegation faction her whole life but never really belong to the faction. Tris is a dynamic character who starts out as a cowardly and weak girl.She is introduced to the Dauntless faction that believes cowardice is the cause of evil. She was trained to health and taught how to shoot and fight. Some of the minor characters are Christina a condor transfer,Four a dauntless mentor,Eric as a mean mentor and Caleb …show more content…

All surrounded by a huge wall made from concrete. These intense building make it easier to plan attacks on the erudite.There are swamps,abandoned amusement parks and a area for factionless or the povernless. . Theme:One lesson you will learn is to always be yourself and become what you want to be. The whole premise of the book is how Tris is struggling trying to find out who she is and slowly decided for herself who she was. The second lesson is to never be scared in your choices. If you have a problem. Solve it instead of running away.Tris had many external and internal conflicts throughout the story she only progress as a person or character once she faced them herself instead of ignoring them, for example Tris was stressed about what kind of faction she belonged in but once she faced her problem she new what to

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