Essay on Diversity Awareness

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Diversity Awareness Differences in our society are many, including age, religion, physical and mental abilities, gender, sexual orientation, income, family or social status, and physical appearance. Anyplace where differences are found leaves room for stereotypes. Stereotypes are generalizations about people usually based on inaccurate information or assumptions rather than facts. (Wei, 1996) Stereotypes do not take into account the great diversity of people within a group of people. Nor do stereotypes consider the present circumstances of the individual. Even worse, stereotypes can lead to prejudicial or discriminatory behavior. Most of the observations I made concerning my stereotypypical behavior circled around rich …show more content…

My hometown is nothing like the Oxford community; almost everyone in my hometown works in trade industries which never allow one to live a lavish life. For every arrogant rich person there is a caring philanthropist that helps people like me and does not flaunt their money. Although the generalizations I have formed about rich people will be hard to disown, I think that they should disappear with more contact with members of this group. (Husain, 1996) I also believe that once I graduate from college and become acquainted with rich people outside of Oxford, I will form new opinions of them. The second group that I often stereotype are the Asian students at Ole Miss. It seems that wherever you go around campus you never see them with people of different ethnic backgrounds. I often see them as antisocial individuals that spend all their time in the library. I have not been around many Asians and how I perceive them is through the few that attend Ole Miss. I believe that culture has a lot to do with why I formed the generalizations of Asians. The media often notes that Asians are academically superior to Americans. Members of the Anglo and African American ethnic groups often agree that Asians are less than we are to try to gain stature upon one group. I also noted that

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