Diversity In Magnet Schools

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In 1976, federal courts accepted magnet schools as a method of desegregation (Morgan v. Kerrigan). A benefit that can assist a community for its impact on diversity. Magnet schools are known for enrolling children from different cultural background. And also it could make a safer working environment for the students and also at same time the school could provide well experienced teachers. That can help the students have a better learning experience. In a way magnet school can score higher test scores because many magnet schools attract the brightest and best students. For an example, 74th St. Gifted Magnet (in L.A) scored 90% in math and 91.1% in English.While the other public schools in L.A got at least a 10% in math and 9% in English.As you can see that magnet schools have higher test scores than other schools (public) …show more content…

Some certain students are into sciences or the arts. This will typically benefit from enrolling in a magnet school. Because many magnet school offer these type of program in theses subjects. And also many public schools don’t give children the same opportunities by giving them a program that attracts students. And also to explore the things that truly interest

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